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Paranormal Kitchen Activities - Week 4 - Very Best Chocolate Fudge Cake

Deep brown eyes pleaded with her. “You know you can’t have chocolate, it’ll kill you.” The black wolf gave a brisk shake, his thick fur standing on end as he splattered droplets of water up the wall forcing her to step back out of range of the shower he’d obliged her with. “Now, that’s sheer naughtiness. You’re going to have to clean that up yourself, I’m too busy with this wedding cake. Last layer. Then I can decorate it. That’s where the real fun starts.” A pitiful whine came from the huge beast in the corner. “No. You’ll have to wait. But this is a quick one, then I promise, we’ll go play in the snow.” His long pink tongue lolled out of his mouth, his nutmeg eyes darkened. “You might want to change.” Damn, but he wasn’t going to do that. He loved to romp in the snow in his wolf form. She quickly blended cocoa in boiling water, added the remaining ingredients and mixed them by hand, aware it made her breasts jiggle as she beat it to a thick, smooth batter. Sh

Paranormal Kitchen Activities - Week Three - Chocolate Madeira Cake

The sharp slap of her spatula as it came into contact with Zeke’s skin made him snatch his hand back, hugging it to his chest while he yelped like a hurt puppy. “What did you do that for?” Unimpressed, she kept the threat of the spatula raised. “You’re not allowed your fingers in her mixing bowl. Nuh uh. Hygiene.” She grinned at her husband across the counter top. It hadn’t taken so long to train him. She leaned over and handed him the whisk, cake mixture clinging to it. She rewarded him well for his obedience.     A quick glance at Zeke’s sulky face had her handing him one too. “It’s a wedding cake. For a friend.” “Chocolate?” “Yeah. A little bit of fun too. This is the middle layer. Chocolate madeira cake.” Zeke shuffled closer, his tongue almost hung out, like the dog he was. “Nice.” She washed the spatula, swiped it through the mix to admire the texture. “One of the simplest cakes to make. Beat the butter and sugar until its white.” She seemed to

Paranormal Kitchen Activities - Week 2 - Marble Cake

"Whatcha doin'?" "Making a cake." "For me?" He leaned on the kitchen counter, rested his chin on his fist and gazed at the luscious babe intent on her creation. He could never get enough of her. Her full scrumptious lips twitched into a smile and made him want to nibble at them. "Nope." The early morning light slanted across her smooth delicate skin and made her golden eyes glow with pleasure at doing the work she loved. "What type of cake?" Her smile widened, she slid softened butter into the mixer and poured in fine sugar. "A chocolate wedding cake for a friend. Three layers, each cake different. This is the bottom layer. It's a Marble cake." "My favourite..." The harsh thrash of the beaters drowned out his voice before he could ask if he could have some. He sighed. No chance of having any of anything until she was done. His head throbbed and he wondered how she could possibly bear

The Tenant Blog Hop - Sotia Lazu

A warm welcome to my very good friend, Sotia Lazu who has a brand new release out. Pull up a chair Sotia and tell us about your romantic thoughts.  Hi Diane, and thank you for having me J In my RL dealings with people, I pretend to be a cynic. In truth, I’m a sappy romantic, who believes love can be found at the most unexpected places. In 2008, I met a guy on a fanfiction archive site. I was there because I’d had my heart broken so many times, I felt like writing about someone getting hers mended. He’d happened upon it because he had too much free time at work. We talked a lot. He was fun, he was cute, and he was from Romania. I told him upfront I didn’t believe in long distance relationships. Two years later, he moved to Greece and we got married. And we’re still stupidly happy about it. My sister met a guy on a day I was too bored to drive her to the shopping centere and called her a cab instead. He was hot, he asked for her number and gave her his, and