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Demon’s Bounty, Book 1 in Hunting Hell Jocelyn Dex Thanks for having me here today! Demon’s Bounty is a cross between erotic paranormal romance and urban fantasy. It features a fun cast of characters including: demons, a siren, a dog, a witch and others. Check out the blurb and excerpt below and if it sounds good to you, I hope you’ll give it a read. Blurb Welcome to the Network, a secret organization with a mission to hunt and kill rogue demons, a job best left to the experts. When the Network hires a siren named Lydie, things get a lot more complicated for veteran demon hunter Tanner, and a lot hotter. Passion ignites when Tanner decides to give in to his desires and sample what Lydie is offering in Demon’s Bounty , Book 1 of Jocelyn Dex's new paranormal series Hunting Hell. Excerpt “Nice place,” he said as he accepted her offer to sit. “Thanks.” She treated him to a dazzling smile that formed a lump in his throat. The urge to reach out and touch her g

First in Series - Atlantic Divide - A Mother's Day Excerpt

Hiding from the horrors of her past, the last thing quiet, shy Lydia thinks she needs is a persistent cowboy who not only wants to strip away her clothes but the layers of her secrets too. What Sam wants is more than just skin deep. Little by little, as Lydia’s past starts to reveal itself, Sam sees a woman who has never been afraid, who was bold and adventurous, talented, and exciting. As Sam discovers the truths Lydia has buried in her heart, her nightmares of the past become stronger and her fear of the future threatens to jeopardize everything. Excerpt Just as Sam poured himself another cup of coffee, Aaron’s quiet, gentle voice interrupted the adults.“Do you need Mummy to give you another kiss to keep you from falling off the horse today, Sam?” He didn’t quite bobble his coffee so much as spill a little of the hot liquid over the side, scalding his hand as he turned to face the youngster. Lydia was engrossed in ripping up a slice of toast on her plate. Kate stared a


Amazon Amazon UK   I am so pleased to welcome Layne Macadam who's come to show off her latest new release, Obsession Down Under, and Whip McGregor, her gorgeous hero.  Layne, if you don't mind, you just sit in the corner there and shuffle Mr McGregor over, yeah, yeah just a little closer... Diane:             Welcome, Whip, and thank you for dropping by today. Whip:              It’s my pleasure, and thank you for asking me.  (Grins) Diane:             Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? Whip:              Fire away, that’s what I’m here for. Diane:             Okay. What do you do for a living? Whip:              The family has a number of businesses, being the eldest McGregor, I’m technically the head, but my passion is our cattle station, or ranch as they say in the States. Our property, Highland Glen, is in rural New South Wales. Its breeding program is the largest in Australasia and we export cattle all over th


Sexy to Go is back with 11 new stories full of sensuous aliens, shifters, stranded commuters, dominant husbands and naughty neighbors. Check out what’s new in Volume 2 – we promise to tempt, tease, and deliver the hotness you desire! Lip Service by Tara Quan Forced into a marriage of convenience, Damien discovers an intense attraction to his new bride. When Kailee's past prevents their pleasure, this dominant groom must teach her the joys of submission. Find Tara Quan here: | Tweet @LaylaTarar | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Google+ | Pinterest Neighborhood Watch by Jocelyn Dex Happily married Astral would never cheat on her husband, but when the moving guy next door sparks her exhibitionist fantasy, will she take it too far and get herself in trouble? Find Jocelyn Dex here: Website | Twitter @JocelynDex |   Facebook   | Goodreads | Blog Blackout by Sofia Grey A breakdown and blackout on the late train home, cou