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Bad Girl Bill - Release Date



So, this is how it happened.  To tell the truth, I’m not quite sure how it happened, Allyson Lindt is responsible, without a shadow of a doubt. You see, Allyson, challenged Eva to enter a competition and vis versa . Interesting, but did they take up the gauntlet? I may have – or may not have grabbed that gauntlet and run with it.  We will see. But that particular issue may be irrelevant at this point.   And the point is that somehow, goaded by two enthusiastic authors, I challenged them to a competition: THREE AUTHORS THREE MONTHS ONE BLOG POST EACH EVERY THREE WEEKS ONE CHALLENGE 1.        The Authors a.        Eva Lefoy b.       Allyson Lindt c.        Diane Saxon 2.        Three Months – ending 30 th September 2013 3.        Each of us must write a blog to update our progress once every three weeks. Well, here’s my first one and I elect Eva to go next. Because Eva is talking, and she’s talking big. The Challenge -A 15,000 word short stor


Life has been a little busy lately with the release of Loving Lydia, the forthcoming release of Bad Girl Bill in August (check it out on my website ), the submission of Cormack Blunt - Action Hero, and finishing off my short Romantic Comedy ready for submission by the end of this week, hopefully in time for Christmas publishing. Oh and did I mention, getting ready to go on holiday and the small matter of a house move some time soon? Well, I do like to keep busy, but life is never too busy to cook ... and eat and socialise. As a family, we love to eat together, because that way we can always find out what's going on in each others lives - especially me, I'm nosey. Baking is a particular favourite of mine, and my sister Margaret and I used to attend celebration cake making courses together. We can whip up Christmas cakes, wedding cakes and birthday cakes, but really any kind of food features heavily in our family celebrations. I hope you enjoy a couple of my favouri


Well, I'm going to start at the beginning, where all stories start. Along the way, I'm hoping that a few other authors are going to join me to tell their tales. I wanted to write. I had several attempts at writing, but I let life dictate and I never really finished anything. I worked pretty long days,(and I ask for no sympathy here, it is what it is and we all do it) up at 6.30 to walk a dog, pack lunches, get children and husband out the door for school and work. Off to work myself by 7.30 am with an hour's journey each way to the office. Back by 5.00 pm to pick up children, return home, feed the household, walk the dog, childrens' activities, college work. One day, the company I worked for asked me to look at offices in a different location. It meant a further hour each way in my journey. I visited the offices and returned home on the train and my husband, Andy, was waiting at the station. This is the conversation we had: "You're not happy. What do yo

My First Blog

Well, here we go. This is the first time I have attempted to blog, so as well as trying out the new site, I am also learning what's what in the blog world. If you're here, you probably already know the first book of my Atlantic Divide Series, Loving Lydia, is due to be released tonight and it's a really exciting time. I started writing Loving Lydia a while ago. Wrote the skeleton of the story and stopped. In December 2012,  I went back to my book, looked at it again and realised I really loved my characters and they had a story to tell and my mind was bursting to tell it. It's a scary time sending your book off. You need to be brave because this is the time when someone outside of your family, not your sister, not your best friend and not your daughter is going to read your book and critique it. When Liquid Silver Books offered me a contract, at the beginning of March this year, there was nobody in the house but me - and my Dalmatian, Skye and my one-eyed kitten