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A Walk in the Fog

The fog this morning was really thick and the dogs and I took our normal lonely route alongside woodland and farmers' fields. Maybe this is why I'm an author, because not only do I have a wild imagination, but I think I also have good instincts. Skye is allowed to be off lead almost all of our walk because a) She's well trained and really obedient. b) If we see other dogs, she'll circumnavigate them so they don't come into conflict. c) She doesn't stray any further than 10 p aces away. Beau on the other hand, although 90% obedient, he will if he sees another dog a) act as though he's never been trained in his life b) charge over to say hello, even if its a mile in front c) forget all recall. So this morning on the walk where we never meet anyone and where Beau would normally be allowed free range, my instinct with the poor visibility was to put him on lead. First we met a man in the thick fog walking in the same direction as us with three dog