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A Double Whammy!

I have two books coming out this month. So I'm going to give a little explanation.  I recently got my rights back for my Atlantic Divide Series and in the meanwhile because I'd been asked several times if Jack and Kate had a story, I wrote Gun Shy. I placed the rest of the series with Hartwood Publishing and we decided to re-edit and re-release them, re-numbering the books so they ran in right order. Gun Shy is now Book 1 and comes out 4th August together with Loving Lydia. You can get them right now with 20% if your pre-order them. (See links below) Bad Girl Bill is in the middle of being edited and will be considerably longer than the original version with a couple of additional scenes. This is due for release in September. Finding Zoe, I haven't yet looked at but will be re-editing this shortly with a view to doing what I've done with Bad Girl Bill. Mac is certainly one of my all-time favourite heroes, specifically because of his human failings