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Another Day, Another Book - And a Free One Too...

Soooo, it's only been two weeks since last I was here and once again the time has flown. Along Came Dani has been accepted by my publisher and I'm expecting the edits to come through any day now. Under the Full Blooded Moon is with the final line editor. In the meantime, I flipped manuscript. I'm quite happily writing Hunter's Quest, but no, If Love Had Wings, the second book in my Montgomery's Sin Series insisted that I pay it some attention. At the rate I have been hurling out the words lately, I hope I'll have this one wrapped up by the end of June. I'm currently at 30,000 words with it and as anybody who knows me will tell you I'm a true panster, but once I have my story in mind, it flows. And this one is flowing. By the way, if you haven't tried my books yet, and you'd like to give them a go, this weekend the first in my Atlantic Divide Series is free. Gun Shy The subject of his grandmother’s enthusiasm to marry him off, Sheriff


Today starts the voting for the RONE Awards for which Gun Shy has been nominated. I'm thrilled about this as you can imagine and would love for Gun Shy to get through to the next round. If you'd like to vote, you need to register first at the following site, and then click on Cops, Jocks & Cowboys and vote for Gun Shy.

Book Updates & Broken Ankle

Who would have known how fast the last two weeks would fly? Here am I, leg still elevated, and yet I've been really busy. The weather has been so beautiful that I've been able to sit outside to write and edit. For someone who is supposedly laid up, I look remarkably healthy, with a bit of a tan going on. Work has moved on too. I've had some brilliant news this week. Because we've managed to get through the edits of Under the Full Blooded Moon in record time - because, hey what else have I got to do for 12 hours a day? I've heard that they've brought the release date forward to 11th July. That's not too long now and I am so excited about this new book. More details next time we meet. I've also submitted my manuscript for Along Came Dani, my Atlantic Divide Series Book 5 and I'm currently working on Book 6. I think I may ask the hospital if I can keep my cast on a little longer ... :) If you'd like a little taste of my paranormal romance