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Seven of today’s hottest paranormal authors come together to bring you a boxed set guaranteed to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night. Do shifters make you howl? Or do you prefer the bite of a vampire? Perhaps the controlling hand of a demi-god is more your style. Paranormally Yours has a story—or seven—to set your pulse racing.   RELEASE DATE 5th December 2014


Coming soon as part of an anthology by seven authors - Paranormally Yours Watch out for the Cover Reveals

Uriel's Fall, Ubiquity 1 - Loralie Hall

When I first released Uriel's Fall (Ubiquity #1), I was absolutely in love with the cover. Enough so that I kept the same theme going with Izrafel's Acceptance (Ubiquity #1.5). The thing is, I still love the original covers. But in talking to fans, I've realized they don't give the impression I want for this series. So all of the books are getting a makeover. These are still the same urban fantasy books. Demons, angels, and the eternal struggle between heaven and hell going corporate. But now they've got a little bit of a different feeling to them. So, if you're ready for the new look, it's just below... Uriel's Fall Blurb What’s a corporate demon to do, when the voice in her head is devouring her sanity from the inside out, and the hosts of heaven and hell would rather see her destroyed than surrender a power no one should possess? Ronnie has the job any entry-level angel or demon would sell their soul for—she’s a retrieval analys

Cover Reveal for To Eternity by Daisy Banks

  Thank you so much, Diane, for offering me a chance to share my forthcoming release To Eternity due out on 5 th of January next year. I am keen to share the cover with everyone and very excited that this story will be out soon. I love the intensity of this art work for To Eternity the sequel to Timeless. To Eternity taught me some interesting lessons in the writing process as I explored the tale. Out of Time the next book in the series is now in progress. To Eternity  by Daisy Banks published by Lyrical Press, A Kensington Imprint. Paranormal Sensual Romance and sequel to Timeless. Book 2 in the Timeless Series Wild beneath the moon… For centuries Magnus has lived according to the dictates of the moon, his heart isolated by the domination of his wolf nature. Now fate has brought the beautiful, independent Sian to his house at Darnwell and their irresistible attraction has exploded into a white-hot passion. Yet she is not wolf, and the time has come