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Valentine's Day - My Favourite Trope

Hello and thank you so much for joining me at this most romantic time of year. I am so pleased to join in this Bloghop to celebrate Saint Valentine's Day and delighted that you've come to have a peek at what I find the best kind of story. To be quite honest, when I was asked to confess my favourite trope, my confession really has to be - ummm - I don't have one. Well, yes of course I love romance, I think that goes without saying, but a sub-genre plot type I find very hard to select. If you've been to my site before, you'll know I read lots of tropes. So, I thought stick with what I automatically drift towards when I write. I can't help it. I start to write and suddenly I find a character doing things they shouldn't, words coming out of their mouths that I certainly never thought to put there and the way they automatically turn to is - humour. Yup. I can be straight in the middle of some damned serious fighting and you guessed it. Humour. But in t

Valentine's Day Gift Hop

I'm really pleased you've decided to drop in and visit me at this most romantic time of year. It probably means you've got everything arranged for Valentine's Day ... Yes?? Well you should - and quickly - we don't need any little faux pas do we? I remember such a faux pas when I first started dating my now husband.  Valentine's Day - seven months after we had first started dating each other. This was an important day in my mind and being young and with high expectations, I was delighted when the doorbell rang and I had a delicate single silk red rose in a beautiful white satin box, delivered from the florist. Ah, I was overjoyed. A single red rose - from a secret admirer. As my heartthrob arrived at my front door later that evening, I flung myself in his arms, kissed him wildly and thanked him for my gorgeous silk rose. The frozen silence was a small hint, then he pulled a lovely real red rose from behind his back and handed it to me.

Fairy Foodies - Daisy Banks

I have been visiting Daisy Banks on various blog sites to celebrate the release of her forthcoming book Valentine's Kisses, where she has tempted me with little snippets from her story. Now, she's made my mouth water with the thought of Fairy Cakes. Welcome Daisy, come on in and talk food. All my blogs in this tour are about Fairies, fairy legend and lore. Legends say fairies are fond of some forms of mortal foods. Butter, freshly baked bread, fresh milk and cream are in the list as favourites. There are tales of fairies stealing these things or accepting gifts of them. I do know a tale where a fairy granted the wish of one woman for a child in exchange for a loaf of bread. There are also cases of warnings for people to leave a little in their glass, be it mead or milk, always leave a drop for the fairies. Never take the last apple, plum or pear from your tree, leave one or two for the fairies. On baking day, along with your usual creations, bake a

Unmasking the Wolf - Christy Gissendaner

Hello Gina,  Whew come on in, have some chocolate before it melts in the presence of your very hot cover. Wow. Just getting my breath back here.  Thanks so much for having me, Diane So let's talk about you in Unmasking the Wolf, I believe this is your story. Tell me a little bit of what it was like under your father’s rule. My father, Tony, is like any normal Italian father, a bit overbearing and wants to plan my life for me. Add to that fact he’s the alpha and it just got to be too much for me. Aren’t you at all scared going out into the world, essentially on your own? A little. But I have Dominic, my cousin. I can count on him to keep me safe in Boston. Excuse me for my ignorance, but isn’t Boston a big city? How do you feel about leaving the rural part of Indiana behind? Excited and nervous at the same time. It’s the first time I’ve left home and I can’t wait to experience all the city has to offer! What kind of wolf are you? My famil