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Loving Lydia, originally the first in the series is now re-edited and re-issued as Book #2. Excerpt The stables were empty except for the quiet hush of the horses blowing out gently or shuffling into a more comfortable position as they settled down. She could hear his voice at the far end of the stable as he sang to himself. She recognized the country song and smiled as she stepped forward. “Sam?” There was a moment of silence, and then Sam stepped out from behind a large black stallion, holding some kind of small hook in his hand. “Lydia? What are you doing down here?” “I need to speak with you.” He stepped forward, but she held up a hand. “Earlier, you said you wanted me.” “Lydia, I don’t think…” “No, please. I need to say this. You said you wanted me but…I’m not very good in bed. I’m no good at sex.” The words rushed out, and she watched as his mouth dropped open and his eyes widened. “Christ, I can’t stand here and listen to this. Lydia, honey, please don


If you've been taking notice, you might have realised I've been pretty busy this last couple of months working on two new releases and four re-releases. Phew! It's been quite a workload but we got there and here's the line up in case you missed it. GUN SHY Free at all these outlets: Kobo iTunes Smashwords iTunes Also available at £0.99 and $1.27 at Amazon if you prefer to one-click Amazon UK The subject of his grandmother’s enthusiasm to marry him off, Sherriff Jack T Swan is fighting dirty to save his skin and has sworn off women until further notice. So the very last thing he needs in his life is a beautiful damsel in distress. Despite initial appearances, Jack soon discovers Kate is anything but distressed. In fact, she’s more than capable of skewering him with her kitten heel. Doctor Kate Marsden is handy with a scalpel, but she’s not quite sure how to deal with the local sheriff, who she inadvertently mistakes for