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Finding the next Hero & Heroine - Part Four

Having decided upon Bill and Michael, the perfect Anglo-American partnership, the hunt was on for the next heroine and hero in my Atlantic Divide Series. Easy enough to find my hero … Michael relaxed on the porch swing with a cup of coffee in his hand and a dog on each side of his legs. He watched with some amusement as Mac’s black Ferrari jolted along the rutted track into the yard, scraping the low-slung undercarriage. He knew Mac liked him, but he also knew that the man considered him trouble for his little sister. So he guessed he’d turned up to make sure they weren’t left alone together. It had been a long few days of manipulation and maneuvering between Mac and his brothers to ensure they were kept apart, but it seemed, Michael thought with a grin, that he was starting to make it difficult for them. It was a bit like a game of chess. It amused him to watch their scheming. They had no idea what a master schemer he was himself. It seemed their line of communication had l

Finding The Next Hero - Part Three

I had the heroine for Book Two of my Atlantic Divide Series, a hard talking, gun-slinging deputy sheriff with a man’s name and a serious attitude. Who in the world would be able to handle her? Once again I referred to my unpublished fore-runner. Have a read, see where he came in : He was starting to feel stupid now. The bouquet of red roses sat next to him on the step seemed a little obvious and over the top. Three dozen red roses. Brash and so very American. Yet that’s how he’d felt when he set off yesterday. He’d felt brash, confident, sure of himself that Kate would fall over herself once she saw him. But all that bravado was diminishing by the minute. He stood, picking up the roses as he went. Perhaps he would go and find a hotel. Ring her from there. Tell her he was just visiting and thought he would call on her. Yeah, that’s what he would do. He started to walk along the hedgerow towards the little garden gateway when he heard a car pull up on the other side. He froz

Finding the Next Heroine - Part Two

An extract from Loving Lydia showing the moment I knew who my next heroine was going to be. It wasn’t until breakfast the next morning when Jack’s partner and deputy sheriff, Bill, had called to pick him up for duty that Lydia’s quieter child decided to open his mouth and reveal to the world several matters Lydia would have preferred remain private. Just as Sam poured himself another cup of coffee, Aaron’s quiet, gentle voice interrupted the adults. “Do you need Mummy to give you another kiss to keep you from falling off the horse today, Sam?” He didn’t quite bobble his coffee so much as spill a little of the hot liquid over the side, scalding his hand as he turned to face the youngster. Lydia was engrossed in ripping up a slice of toast on her plate. Kate stared at her younger sister, one cool eyebrow raised in case she caught her eye. Bill snorted loudly. “Hell, I haven’t heard that one since I was ten or so. My grandpa used to say it to all the little girls, and then

Finding The Next Heroine Part One

From the first book I wrote, which is unpublished, emerged two strong secondary characters, Kate and Jack who featured in Loving Lydia. Kate is Lydia’s sister and was the first to venture to America. Here’s an unedited piece which introduced the idea of Lydia’s story into my imagination. She shuddered with the memory of her little sister standing in her living room looking forlorn and bedraggled, having been beaten almost to death. “She was pregnant at the time, so Susan’s case isn’t a million miles from what happened to my own sister. “What did your sister do?” “She left him. She has three year old twins now.” “Was he imprisoned?” “No. She dealt with him herself.” She gave him a wintry smile. “He didn’t bother her again.”




I've been Partying over at TRS this week at their End of Summer Party, talking about. Hero's Heroines, where I get them from. Exclusive excerpts and cover reveals.  Why not click on the link and visit me there.

Livia Ellis: Welcome Diane Saxon - Author of Loving Lydia

Livia Ellis: Welcome Diane Saxon - Author of Loving Lydia : This week I turn the blog over to my sister Liquid Silver author Diane Saxon.  Do you have only one WIP, or do you bounce around betw...

A Roller Coaster

August 4, 2013 It's been quite a roller c oaster ride the last few weeks. My family and I went on holiday to Mexico for two weeks, (very lovely, very hot) truly believing that our house sale and purchase had fallen through. Near the end of our holiday an email managed to stagger it's way through the painfully slow ether informing us that our move date was a mere five days from our return date. Never mind the jet-lag after a nine hour flight, we didn't have time for that! Full speed ahead and in the strangely (for England) blistering heat, we moved, taking our Dalmatian, our ginger cat and our one-eyed kitten with us - oh and being gifted four chickens and a hen-house along the way (thank you Penny). Arriving in the new house, we discovered that the internet connection had been lost and it took the providers ten days (ten really painful days) to re-connect, during which time my new book, Bad Girl Bill, Atlantic Divide Series #2 was released, and I had virtually no