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Christmas Carols - Daisy Banks

Thank you, Diane, for your kind offer to help me celebrate the release of my new book Christmas Carols, published by Liquid Silver Books on the 10 th of August.        I know readers might think it a little odd to be thinking about Christmas in August but in Victorian England, where my story is set, people were used to starting their Christmas preparations early. When I taught history one of the activities my students completed in the autumn term was to make pomander balls. These were made in early October so they would be ready for a Christmas re-enactment celebration. Everyone in school enjoyed the fragrance and so many people said it made them think Christmas was on the way. I only have to smell orange and cloves to recollect those fun times. In Victorian England pomanders were used to help keep linen insect free, to fragrance rooms and dispel unhealthy miasmas, (nasty smells). The idea an unpleasant stink could make you ill wasn’t refuted until the brilliant


Welcome to Rosanna Leo, here today not only to show us her new release, but to let us have a little insight into release day for her. “WHAT DOES THIS AUTHOR DO ON RELEASE DAYS?” Thanks so much to Diane for hosting me today, on the release day for my latest paranormal romance, Predator’s Trinity , Gemini Island Shifters 6. I’ve often loved reading posts about what authors do on release days and I’ve certainly had visions of what it must involve for different writers. Surely it’s all about cracking open a vintage bottle of champagne? Or an unending parade of well-wishers prancing by the house, offering their congratulations? Um, not quite. At least, not in my case. If anything, release day spells more work, but most of it involves promotion. So what does my typical release day look like? 7am – wake up in a fog because it took me hours to fall asleep. I was too busy dreaming about a release day with champagne and well-wishers.  Jump out of bed, fire up t

Cover Reveal - M S Kaye

Clouded By M.S. Kaye A Sumerian water and sky god myth collides with a modern high school. Ayanna is a math nerd, logical and rational, even cold, but Calder makes her feel things she never had before. Somehow, she’s able to accept it when she discovers he’s a reincarnated Sumerian water god. Will she be able to accept the full truth, that the story of Enki and Inanna has been reborn in a modern Ohio high school? Release Date: 9/12/15 Inkspell Publishing About the Author: M.S. Kaye has several published books under her black belt. A transplant from Ohio, she resides with her husband Corey in Jacksonville, Florida, where she tries not to melt in the sun. Find suspense and the unusual at . To receive news on upcoming releases, sign up for email updates on her website. Contact M. S. Kaye at: Facebook   ~   Twitter   ~   Google+   ~   Goodreads   ~   Amazon   ~   TSU   ~   Pinterest   ~   LinkedIn