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Guest - Allyson Lindt - Conflict of Interest

I'd like to welcome my fellow author, the very talented Ms Allyson Lindt - take it away. It's that time of year. Time to dress up, visit friends, and share tricks and treats. So in the spirit of how we celebrate Halloween, I'm visiting all sorts of blogs this week, in costume, as my characters, and they're talking about how they feel about the holiday. They're writing the posts, and I'm giving away the treats. No tricks. And to one random commenter on today's post, I'm giving away a copy of Diane's book, Loving Lydia   (Diane didn't know this until she read my post, so, *surprise*, Diane!) Riley (Toeing the Line) I get to say whatever I want here? Serious? Can I draw a picture? I'd rather draw a picture to show how I feel about Halloween. And there would be a couple of sexy guys, and it's possible they wouldn't be wearing anything... Possible. But apparently, I have to talk instead. Oh well, win some, lose some. For those of you

I've Been Tagged

I was tagged for this blogspot by the lovely Kimber Vale and appreciate the opportunity to join in the fun. You can find her post here : The idea is I answer some questions - oh dear. Not being one to be pinned down, this may get a little sticky, but here goes. What are you working on right now? Hah, well. For anyone who has followed me on twitter you may know that I have just completed a challenge with fellow authors Eva Lefoy and Allyson Lindt. When I say completed, I am currently re-hashing some (I think they term that as editing) and hopefully will be sending it off by the end of this week. It is a skew from my normal genre, but really, when I read it back, I haven't lost my core story. It's still romance and it still has a Happy Ever After. My other WIP, which I had to push to one side for a short while to complete the challenge is now coming along nicely. Book 4 of my Atlantic Divide ser

The Series Expands - Atlantic Divide

With the release of my newest book in the Atlantic Divide Series, Finding Zoe, I thought I might take some time to sit back, reflect and have a little downtime. Then I realized there's no chance of downtime. Flight of Her Life, my new romantic comedy will be released in November and I have just finished a humorous Sci-Fi which is currently being critiqued by my fellow authors Eva Lefoy and Allyson Lindt, not forgetting our faithful supporter Heather Hand. And I, in turn am critiquing their books - this is a first for me. And Flynn is calling ... Book 4 But reflect I will, if it gets me out of the housework. I fell in love with my hero in FINDING ZOE when I met him in my first book, which remains unpublished. Mac was larger than life, funny and human and when he stepped into Bill's story, I knew he was going to gently insist on one of his own. Diane Saxon Buy the Books Liquid Silver Books  http://a

A Gentleman's Folly - Daisy Banks

Daisy, Welcome to my Blogspot and congratulations on your new release, which incidentally coincides with the release of my own Atlantic Divide Series, Book 3, Finding Zoe. I'm delighted to have you here and would love to hear about what you've been up to and hope you will give us a little teaser from your book, which from the cover holds the promise of being absolutely delicious. I have just finished my 30 days with Daisy blog posts on my word press blog   Phew, my goodness some days I struggled. Finding time to write the posts, research information and find the images of the era I wanted to show people, proved hard. I am happy that so many people enjoyed the blogs, came and commented and even, bless them, asked me for more information. The upshot of their requests has lead me to do some work on Pinterest to find more images relevant to the story. I’ll be telling people more about that on my blog in the next week or so. At the