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Copycat - My Inspiration and Celebration of 100 years

It’s a strange thing but when I write romance, no one ever asks me what my inspiration for writing the story is. I’m not sure if that’s because they’re frightened of the answer because it might involve … shhh … sex, but I can tell you far more people are interested in your desire to kill. So I gave some thought to my inspiration to write Copycat and I can honestly say that killing off nurses has absolutely no connection to the fact that my youngest daughter is in her final year of her nursing degree. No connection at all… Copycat is dedicated to my dad who would have been 100 years old today. Here's the sentimental bit first. I was only 28, my eldest daughter just one, when we lost him and I still miss him every day. To my dad, William John Saxon, who would have been 100 on 26th February 2020, the month Copycat is released. A master storyteller himself, it was only in the years after his death we discovered his tales were mainly true recollections of his ti

Copycat - New Release

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