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Getting Back into the Paranormal for the Month of October

Since finishing the thriller, I now have to wait for my critique partner's comments. Tapping my fingers, wondering what I should do with a "little" spare time, I came across a partially written manuscript. The follow-on from Banshee Seduction. I clicked on the Amazon link for Banshee Seduction and read a few of the reviews, then came across this one: "The enticing and enchanted world that the author has created leaves you wanting more books! I am so glad she has plans for this series. Her best friend, Roni, is a vampire (sort of). And of course Wolf, a football player and hottie shifter that everyone wants to get to know. And we can’t forget Montgomery himself – the enigma that managed to escape from Hell and return to earth! Another sinfully seductive and addicting read from this author!" My partially written manuscript is indeed Roni's and Daniel's story and this review is every reason I need to get back into the paranormal... If you hav