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I think I’ve probably mentioned numerous times , I grew up on romances, the first one being read to me by my older sister, Margaret. The Princess Bride – still one of my favourite tales. Then there were those naughty little Mills and Boon my mother kept on her bookshelf with enticing covers which hinted of passion.  Where we lived, we had a mobile library. Every Tuesday we could get 6 more books out and no, I did not choose children’s books specifically, I chose adventure, romance, love and life. Some of my favourite books are the ones that defy age groups. I was read the Hobbit when I was about seven by a fantastic English teacher. The Lord of the Rings was given as a gift when I was twelve. But I must admit to enjoying those reads I wasn’t really supposed to have.  When the Lion Feeds, Wilbur Smith. At the age of fourteen, when I picked it up after my dad had finished reading it, he quietly went to my mum and asked if it was appropriate. Her reply – if it’s not, sh

Eva Lefoy - New Book Release

Eva, come on in. I have chocolate and wine we can indulge in while you tell us all about your new release which by the way, I absolutely love the cover and will be buying the book today - it looks like a great, fun read The Trouble with Memories  Martian Mating – Book One The Martians are coming! No, I’m not Orson Welles and this isn’t War of the Worlds and it certainly isn’t 1938 anymore. But the Martian invasion in my story is very, very real to the characters. You see, there’s this crazy scientist named Dr. Dravis who invents a psy-link pilots can use to interface directly with their ship. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, but the pilots who use the psy-link are gonna have a wild ride! Some say DNA is the real “being” here on this planet. The one who keeps everything evolving and we are just pawns in its ever-changing game. Us hapless humans! And it’s the DNA Dr. Dravis uses that puts the Martians front-and-center in the tale. You see, the Martian DNA has

Guest Blogger - Haley Whitehall

Romance on the Mississippi River Haley, welcome to my blogspot, come on in and have a quiet cup of coffee while you tell us all about your new book - which by the way, I have already downloaded to kindle. Romances in the workplace are often difficult to navigate. In my African American historical romance Midnight Heat the workplace romance takes place on the steamboat the Queen Bee . George is a roustabout, a man who loads and unloads cargo from the steamboat. After rescuing her from a burning house, he is able to get Allison a job on the Queen Bee as a chambermaid. Both of them find it difficult to keep focused on their work, their thoughts straying to each other. The only thing that saves their jobs and likely their sanity is the difference between the deck and cabin crew. Allison as a chambermaid is allowed on the boiler deck, her work requiring to enter and clean the rooms. George, on the other hand, is not allowed on the upper deck. The main deck and the boiler