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The Perfect Kiss

The Perfect kiss for me has to be the first kiss. The very first time your lips meet. Its a testing time, a tasting time. If the taste is wrong, the kiss too wet, too sloppy, too eager then the romance dies. But if the kiss is perfect - it doesn't have to be slow and sensual, it can be desperate and hungry, but it has to be perfect, then the romance is allowed to blossom and grow. Excerpt “How about a good luck kiss for a brave soul?” She held still so long that he wondered if she was going to make him look foolish. He could feel his smile waver as he held his breath and waited for her to make a move. If she would only dip her head and place her lips on his cheek, it would be a huge step forward and would save him a ribbing from the boys. Lydia raised a hand and brushed a stray hair back from her face, and then brought the same hand down to rest on his cheek, bringing her other hand up to cradle his face. Christ, he had no idea she was actually going to touch him.

A Peaceful Christmas Where Dreams Can Come True

This time last year it was my dream to write a book and have it published.  Loving Lydia, Book 1 of my Atlantic Divide Series was almost ready to send out to publishers. I was at the stage most authors will understand - I have a book, it means so much to me - how can I let someone see it, criticize it? Well, I did send it, it was criticized and I survived. And thanks to Liquid Silver Books, my fourth book, Flight of Her Life, was published on 25th November 2013.  See - dreams really can come true. I hope you all have a truly peaceful Christmas and all your dreams come true - and if they don't, give 'em a bit of nudge, you never know ... Tell me your dream for a chance to win a copy of Flight of Her Life - leave a comment below. For all the books go to :   Flight of Her Life Blurb Traveling from New York City to Houston to meet her future in-laws and announce he

Guest Post - Allyson Lindt - Learning New Tricks

Allyson  Welcome back to my blogspot and congratulations on your new release, pull up a chair and tell us about it. Thanks so much for having me today, Diane. If your readers are willing to stick with me until the end of the post, there are details about a couple of awesome giveaways I’m holding (including one here) to celebrate my new book launch, and links to more posts like this one. I pondered for while what to write my post about, and it hit me. The holidays are about friends, family, and food. Fortunately for me, Archer, the hero in my new release, Learning New Tricks , is a fantastic cook. I mean, dude makes pancakes from scratch… just because. Keep in mind though, he’s been a bachelor and living on his own for a while. So when I asked him about his favorite dishes to make, some of his answers were a little… unusual. I’ve tried them all, though, and they’re all tasty. For instance, this one: Stuffed French Toast This makes 2 servings, and Archer likes