Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Paranormal Kitchen Activities - Week Three - Chocolate Madeira Cake

The sharp slap of her spatula as it came into contact with Zeke’s skin made him snatch his hand back, hugging it to his chest while he yelped like a hurt puppy.
“What did you do that for?”
Unimpressed, she kept the threat of the spatula raised.
“You’re not allowed your fingers in her mixing bowl. Nuh uh. Hygiene.”
She grinned at her husband across the counter top. It hadn’t taken so long to train him. She leaned over and handed him the whisk, cake mixture clinging to it. She rewarded him well for his obedience.


A quick glance at Zeke’s sulky face had her handing him one too.
“It’s a wedding cake. For a friend.”
“Yeah. A little bit of fun too. This is the middle layer. Chocolate madeira cake.”
Zeke shuffled closer, his tongue almost hung out, like the dog he was.
She washed the spatula, swiped it through the mix to admire the texture.
“One of the simplest cakes to make. Beat the butter and sugar until its white.”
She seemed to have grabbed Zeke’s attention, but her husband was intent on cleaning the whisk for her – with his tongue. It didn’t matter, this was a quick cake, she wouldn’t need the whisks again until she did the top layer. Mmm, her favourite.
Her stomach gave an unruly grumble and both men grinned.
“I’ll just finish this and do some lunch if you’re staying Zeke.”
One look at his face didn’t require an answer. Single man, offer of lunch. No competition.
He nodded at the bowl.
“What do you do next?”
“Add both types of flour, alternatively with eggs.”
“Looks like a pretty solid mixture.”
“Hmm. I like it because you can carve it.”
“Did you get me those condoms?”
“I did not.”
“You’re no fun since you took up with my brother.”
“I was no fun before, according to you.”
The soft growl from Beau had her turning her head in his direction, but his brother blithely ignored the threat.
“How do you put the chocolate in?"
“Mix cocoa powder with a little milk then beat it in.”
He raised his hand, made a move to dip his finger into the bowl and she whipped up her spatula.
With a grin of approval, he came to his feet and moved away to open the refrigerator door.

She poured the mixture equally into the two lined cake tins and slid them into the oven, but before she could turn around, Zeke had swiped the almost empty bowl and hot-footed it across the kitchen, if he'd been in his other form, his tail would be between his legs.

The Recipe

10oz (315g) Fine Sugar
10 oz (315g) Softened Butter
10oz (315g) Self Raising Flour
5oz (155g Plain Flour
5 eggs

One 8" tin lined (square or round)
Oven temperature 160 degrees C/325 degrees F or Gas mark 3
Bake time 1 hour 10 mins

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