Saturday, 24 May 2014


One of the biggest thrills I ever have is seeing a genuine 5* review for one of my books. So when I saw the same reader on Goodreads, having read all three of my Atlantic Divide Series gave them a great review and 5* each, I was delighted.

Here's a little snippet:

"The reality of a series is not only do you have to write a good (first) book with interesting characters that your readers will enjoy interacting with, you have to surround these characters with a supporting cast that also interest the reader. This is essential for any series to survive because the reader has to want to be drawn back into the world that the author has created. The reader has to want to go back and interact with the characters again and again and watch and learn as the supporting characters in one book are brought to the forefront in another book and given a chance to find their HEA. If a reader isn't drawn deeply into the world the author creates, if the reader doesn't care about the characters the author creates then no matter how many books an author writes or how much they promote or discount their books no one will be interested. In my opinion, Diane Saxon is a master of the series!"

For the full review go to select each title to read the separate reviews.

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