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Hi Allyson and welcome to my blogspot, I believe you have some really exciting news for us. Come on in and tell us about it.

Cover Reveal, Bits & Bytes Print Anthology

On December 19, 2013, I released the final book in my Bits & Bytes contemporary romance series, Learning New Tricks. The entire series was a blast to write, and it was bittersweet to leave those characters behind.

But I am giving them all a new chance at a new distribution channel. I’ve decided to compile all four books into a single print anthology, available March 15, 2014. After working with the fabulous talent at EDH Graphics (link to, she’s come up with an amazing cover to encompass all four books.

I’m also kicking off a month long blog tour to celebrate the entire Bits & Bytes series. Every week will offer insight about a different book in the series, reviews, and a giveaway. And on top of that, there will be a grand prize at the end of the tour for a Kindle Paperwhite. A list of participating blogs can be found here:, If you comment on this blog, and make sure to click all the right boxes on the Rafflecopter, you’ll get your first round of entries today.

Holding Her Close

Zach Johnston knows one thing: ex-girlfriends are a headache he doesn’t need. Problem is, his first love—and the one women he never got over—Rae Nielson, has the only solution to a corporate takeover threatening the company he built from the ground up. Can he trust her enough to risk his heart and livelihood, or will experience convince him to walk away from everything?

Conflict of Interest

Kenzie Carter’s job in publicity is the perfect outlet for her love of order. All of her clients appreciate it, until she meets Scott McAllister. He thrives on chaos and has built a software empire from his love of gaming. When their worlds collide, the boardroom and bedroom ignite.

Toeing the Line

Zane Petrov’s time in the Air Force doing electronic surveillance has taught him a thing or two about keeping secrets. But when his best friend, Riley Carter, finds out what he’s kept from her, their “with benefits” relationship won’t be what threatens their growing feelings for each other.

Learning New Tricks

Archer Yates is struggling to keep his comic shop from an epic crash and burn. Tori Rothschild would just be happy not to surrender her sanity to corporate America. A quick fling should be the perfect stress relief—as long as they both remember not to get attached.

Allyson gave me the option of sharing an excerpt, but I couldn't pick just one, so here they all are:


Holding Her Close Excerpt

A quiet knock filled the dark living room, sending a tremor through Rae, and she paused. She swallowed and padded toward the door. Her heart flipped when she peered through the peephole. Zach stood on the other side, tugging on his ponytail.

She flipped the deadbolt off and opened the door enough to let him in. He took the silent offer and stepped inside, kicking the door shut behind him. His hands rested on either side of her face, and he kissed her. There was hunger in his lips. It stole her breath as he held her close, and she gasped when they broke apart. He studied her, blue eyes frantic.

She didn't know what else to do. She returned the kiss, pushing closer. The sensations set her nerve endings on fire, and she stumbled back, pulling him with her. She hit the arm of the couch, lost her balance, and landed on the cushions.

He laughed as he knelt on the couch, straddling her, and brushed a loose strand of hair out of her eyes. “I couldn't sleep. I was out driving, and I got your message, and I... I don’t even know. I had to see you.”

“What are we doing?”

He shook his head. “Not talking. For God's sake, we've done enough of that.” He leaned forward, lips brushing her collarbone and tracing a line up her neck. “We can hash it all out later, I promise, but I want you so bad right now—and even if you made me talk, I'd tell you whatever you wanted to hear to have you.”

She arched her back and moaned as his lips roamed her skin. “Yeah. Later is good for me too.”

Conflict of Interest Excerpt

“Do you want a lift?” Scott asked.

Her footsteps slowed, and she pulled away. “In the love van?”

He spun to face her, not sure what to make of the comment. She’d nicknamed his car? Fascinating. “Excuse me?”

She nodded at the Escalade in the back of the parking lot. “That one’s yours right? The Game God license plate? The tinted windows meant to keep out even the most penetrating light?”

She knew what the G4M3G0D on his plates meant. She was full of entertaining surprises. He bit back the urge to joke about the word penetrating. “That’s it, but love van, really?”

She fell into step beside him again. “No one’s ever accused you of that before?”

“Not to my face. Interesting assumption.” He moved closer, letting his bare arm brush hers.

“No worse than deciding I was reading some bodice ripper inside.”

He stopped at his SUV, spinning to face her and leaning back against it, one foot propped up on the rubber strip running along the bottom of the door. He looped his thumbs in his pockets. “Fair enough. We’re even on the inappropriate assumption front then?”

She kept her distance but didn’t seem in a hurry to leave. “I didn’t know we were keeping score.”

A gust of wind tore through the parking lot, whipping her ponytail into her face. She hugged herself and shivered as the clouds devoured the last traces of direct sunlight.

He forced his hands to stay by his side, biting his tongue before he could offer to warm her up. Or ask if she’d like to be the one biting his tongue. “Someone’s always keeping score.”

Toeing the Line Excerpt

“You didn’t answer my other question.” Zane smirked and slid from his seat. Coming around to Riley’s side of the table, he dropped to one knee next to her and took her hand in his again.

What is he doing? He’s teasing me, right? Blood rushed in her ears, making it hard to hear. They’d been catching up for all of half an hour, and he was talking about love and marriage?

“Riley Ann Carter.” He locked his gaze on hers. “We’ve known each other forever.”

Oh jeez, he is really doing this. Panic and hope churned in her gut, making her regret the extra shot of espresso.

“You’re the sexiest, most intelligent woman I’ve ever met.” He licked his lips.

Riley’s heart stopped. He’d twitched. The corner of his mouth had pulled up for the briefest moment.

He continued. “With your sister being a close second.”

Her stomach plummeted, relief and disappointment warring for attention. He was yanking her chain. Trying to distract her.

“Would you”—his serious expression faltered again—“and she make out while I watch?”

Was that really relief flooding her or just the tiniest bit of hurt and disappointment? She exhaled, pursed her lips, and then smacked him on the arm. “You’re an ass.”

Learning New Tricks Excerpt

Archer intertwined his fingers with Tori’s and tugged her off the stool. “Come on.” His voice was gentle. “Let’s de-stress.”

She didn’t resist as he pulled her up the stairs to his apartment. She was glad she didn’t mind following him, because she’d used up all her arguments for the day. When they were inside, they both kicked their shoes off out of habit. He locked the door, and then turned her so her back was to him.

His hands rested on her shoulders, thumbs softly kneading her neck. “You were brilliant today.”

She tilted her head forward, moaning at the gentle touch. “I was terrified.”

The massage deepened, and his voice was soothing. “But the important thing is, you did it anyway.”

She leaned into the attention, not sure how to respond. His lips brushed the back of her neck, and she gasped in pleasure and surprise.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“You should have.” She tilted her head to the side to expose more of her neck. She’d turned off the filter which kept her from speaking her mind; part of her wasn’t ready to turn it back on yet. Especially with other parts of her turned on by his touch, and his soft lips. “And you should do it again.”

His tongue glided up her skin until he met her ear, and his teeth nipped at the lobe. His whisper brushed her skin, sending a pleasant chill through her. “Have I ever told you how much I like it when you talk like that?”

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