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Crash Into Love - Sofia Grey - Character Interview with Cass

Hi Sofia and Cass. Thank you for dropping in on us today.

Thank you, it’s exciting to be here. Is your dog friendly?

She most certainly is, she’s big and boisterous but she loves people, especially women. Mind though she does think she’s a lapdog and she will sleep on you.

Come and have a coffee, I have a few questions for Cass if you don’t mind.

Can you tell me what genre you write in?

Well, a few months ago I would have said complicated medical thrillers, but now, I don’t know for sure.  (She smiles). Now I also write erotic romance.

When you go to the beach, do you really expect privacy and peace and quiet to finish your book, or don’t you think you’d just be distracted by all those waves and sandcastles wanting to be built?

Ah well, that’s where the beaches in New Zealand are different to the ones back home. Here they’re often deserted, even at the height of summer – and not because there’s anything wrong with them. It’s just fewer people and more open space.

True I got distracted with my shell collection, and then by a certain guy next door (she blushes), but I had no idea that would happen.

What colour do you paint your toenails?

Shell pink. Is there any other colour for toenails?

Oh well, ummm *stares at her red toenails*

What was your first impression of Jonah?

Oh my. Young, definitely. I thought he was a student. Polite, and intense.

How does it feel to be the ‘older woman’?

I really am a cougar, aren’t I? But it’s only ten years difference, and if you say it quickly enough it doesn’t sound that bad.

(She hesitates, and plays with a shell pendant around her neck). It’s all very new to us both. I still can’t believe we met, and everything that happened since. We’re taking it a day at a time.

What would your best girlfriend think?

I introduced Jonah to Ellie, my best friend, and she was thrilled. She thinks he’s the best thing to ever happen to me. (She blushes)

Describe Jonah.

He’s gorgeous! And he has this tattoo of musical notes on his shoulder, and… He’s strong. Affectionate. He kisses like nothing else, and he makes me feel so alive. You know?

How would you describe yourself?

(Shrugs). I’m Ms Boringly-Normal. I truly can’t understand what he sees in me.

What is your biggest flaw?

Umm, procrastination?

What’s your favourite drink – alcoholic or not?

White wine. A crisp, chilled local Sauvignon Blanc.

For a month long stint at the beach, what did you pack?

Plenty of wine! I didn’t need much in the way of clothing, as I wasn’t planning on going out anywhere, or seeing anyone. I take my laptop and Kindle everywhere though.

Tell me your plans for your next book – or will you ever write another one with a distraction like Jonah?

Hmmm, he’s more of an inspiration than a distraction. I have another two contracted in my medical thriller series, but writing the erotic romance was so much fun, I’m definitely doing more like that. In fact, I’m, uh, working on the second in that series now. With Jonah’s help, of course. (She gives a huge smile).

Thank you Cass. Help yourself to chocolate while Sofia tells us all about her new book, Crash Into Love.

Thanks Diane, it’s been a blast visiting you today. Hopefully we’ve brought a taste of a New Zealand summer to your spring day (peeks outside through the window). It’s definitely colder here!


Cass thought spending a month at a beachside hideaway relaxing and collecting shells would be the perfect escape to finish her novel. When she meets the dark and brooding and much younger Jonah, who's staying next door, her book becomes the last thing on her mind.

Jonah would rather stay home alone than go on vacation with his brother and their friends, but does his best to tolerate the situation after being convinced to go. But when he sees the beauty next door, he can’t avoid his attraction.

Together, they break all the rules, but will Cass be able to bring Jonah out of his shell forever, or will he leave her with only the crash of the surf to keep her company?


I took a deep breath. Dare I say it? “If I was still married, I wouldn’t be sitting here now.”
“Any children?”
“One, a son. Dylan.” My minuscule, beachside romance was about to be snuffed out before it had even started. “He’s about your age.”
Jonah snorted into his glass. “I’m twenty-four. You don’t look old enough.”
I smiled into my wine. “Thanks. I’m still ten years older than you. I had Dylan when I was sixteen, and I met Colin, my ex, later. You remind me of Dylan’s real father. He was a guitarist, too.” Why was I prattling on? Scare him away Cass, why don’t you?
Jonah stared into his glass. “I’m not, anymore.” His voice was so low, I struggled to hear him. “I’m not anything now.” He took a deep breath and pushed himself to a standing position. “I should go.”
There was something I had to know, and the wine had made me bold enough to ask. “Why did you ignore me tonight? I didn’t mean to intrude. Your friends invited me.”
He stared down at me, his dark eyes burning into my soul. Slowly, carefully, he placed the empty glass on the table and then reached out a hand to me. Surprised, I let him pull me to my feet. His grip was warm and sure, but he let go when I stood before him. I felt a flicker of uncertainty. He opened his mouth as though to speak and then paused. “I couldn’t focus.” The words were slow and measured. “I wanted this instead.”
His hand lifted to slide into my hair, pushing back a stray lock and tucking it behind my ear. The breath caught in my throat. Spellbound, I searched his face, seeing the same intensity I glimpsed earlier. Fingertips trailed down my cheek before he traced my lips.
“Soft,” he whispered. I was lost. Time stopped. There was just Jonah and me, with the moon and the stars behind his head and his voice in my heart.

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Romance author Sofia Grey spends her days managing projects in the corporate world and her nights hanging out with wolf shifters and alpha males. She devours pretty much anything in the fiction line, but she prefers her romances to be hot, and her heroes to have hidden depths. When writing, she enjoys peeling back the layers to expose her characters’ flaws and always makes them work hard for their happy endings.

Music is interwoven so tightly into my writing that I can’t untangle the two. Either I’m listening to a playlist on my iPod, have music seeping from my laptop speakers, or there’s a song playing in my head – sometimes on auto-repeat.

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  2. It was an absolute pleasure and Skye thoroughly enjoyed all the fuss. I think I'll just pack to go to the beach now.


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