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A Gentleman's Folly - Daisy Banks


Welcome to my Blogspot and congratulations on your new release, which incidentally coincides with the release of my own Atlantic Divide Series, Book 3, Finding Zoe.

I'm delighted to have you here and would love to hear about what you've been up to and hope you will give us a little teaser from your book, which from the cover holds the promise of being absolutely delicious.

I have just finished my 30 days with Daisy blog posts on my word press blog http://daisybanks.wordpress.com 
Phew, my goodness some days I struggled. Finding time to write the posts, research information and find the images of the era I wanted to show people, proved hard. I am happy that so many people enjoyed the blogs, came and commented and even, bless them, asked me for more information.
The upshot of their requests has lead me to do some work on Pinterest to find more images relevant to the story. I’ll be telling people more about that on my blog in the next week or so.
At the beginning of the 30 day project I wasn’t sure if I’d manage to do it, blogging every day was something I’d never imagined myself doing. I’m glad now that I made the decision to go ahead with it. I have new friends because of it and more visitors to my blog. I’ve also had the opportunity to learn new things to improve my blogs and my work.
Every story I have so far written has gifted me something with its creation and I’m grateful to the characters for those gifts. My new book A Gentleman’s Folly published yesterday by Liquid Silver Books, has offered me so many opportunities to grow as an author I can’t list them all as it would make this post too long.
As ever my hope is that readers will enjoy the story.


Charles Leverret falls in love with his hired wife who helps him gain his inheritance. Katherine, his bride in name only, is his perfect match. Betrayed by a trusted lawyer who withholds Katherine’s promised fee, Charles struggles against evil and misfortune to persuade his stubborn bride his love is real.


Mr. Leverret. A marriage, even of convenience, would be impossible. Our ways and worlds are far too different.”
“I disagree. I’ll marry you, madam, as was my intent. The world will know you as my bride. I’ll provide amply for your confinement and offer you the education of your child as recompense for your time.”
The proposition was generous up to a point. She swallowed hard, and in an effort to gain time to think, she fumbled in her pocket for her scented vinaigrette. “And for myself, Mr. Leverret?”
His expression hardened, his dark eyebrows drew together, and his eyes narrowed like his lips. “I’ll give you two percent of my fortune in coin.”
If she agreed at once, he’d think her weak. And, though, in truth, the changes in her body from the child within had made her tearful and unlike herself for days, she had to prove she’d be able to manage him if she needed to, for if she couldn’t, her life might become a misery. She shook her head. “If I agree to wed you, I must give up my life in Town, which means a great deal to me. I’ll do so for twenty percent and no less.”
His eyes narrowed farther, dark lashes entwined. “Five percent, no more.”
She turned from him and snapped open her fan. “Mr. Leverret, I think you’ve been toying with me this morning. Though, in truth, some need of a woman such as I must drive you to haggle so. I will have twenty percent of your inheritance in return for the price of my name in Town.”
“Do you have any fame in Town, Miss Bescell?”
“Should you care to seek, sir, you will discover I am a virtuous lady with an unblemished reputation. My activities here are known to the most select few. Every member of the monastery is sworn to a secrecy they would never give up. Therefore, if I become your wife in the eyes of the world, I expect to be paid. Where else today, this week, this month or next, will you find such a suitable candidate for your country estate? Twenty percent.” She plied her fan relentlessly, but her toes curled in her shoes.
His mouth firmed into a straight line, and a chilling coolness stole into his gaze. “My last offer, ten percent and not a farthing more.”
She swallowed, clenching the hand she dug in her pocket until the nails scoured her palm. “I agree, Mr. Leverret. I will marry you as soon as you wish.” Her laces creaked with her deep breath. Black dots danced before her eyes, and she stumbled back.
He grasped her firmly about the waist to stop her fall. With a nonchalant ease, he lifted her and strode to a nearby bench, where he placed her. “There, Miss Bescell, you may now fortuitously recover your wits.”
The sunlight dizzied her further, so flowers, tall grasses, and his form shimmered and blurred together. Gods help her, she’d sealed her fate.
“I’ll go and see Sir Francis and get him to send a woman to you. I’ll give him details of the arrangements for our wedding.” He bent toward her and touched under her chin, forcing her to gaze up into brilliant noon sunshine. “And, madam, I’ll see you at church next Friday morn.”


To buy the Books

Liquid Silver Books   http://www.lsbooks.com/a-gentlemans-folly-p834.php

Amazon.com    http://amzn.to/1boCIJf

Amazon UK    http://amzn.to/15G3kpW


  1. Hi Diane
    thanks so much for hosting me today.

    1. My pleasure. I've bought A Gentleman's Folly and can't wait to read it. Lovely artwork and great excerpt.

  2. I enjoyed your excerpt Daisy, looking forward to reading A Gentlemen's Folly!

    1. Thanks, Layne. I hope you enjoy the story when you read it.


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