Tuesday, 24 October 2017

New Release = Along Came Dani

“Are you about to stand there all day dreaming of things that’ll never happen, or will you grab hold of the young deputy and shear the hair off him?” 
Heat swarmed up her neck into her face to burn her cheeks while the quiet snickers of her aunt’s patrons heated her ears. “But, I thought you…” 
“You thought wrong, sugar. I’m in the middle of curling Ms. Stewart.” 
It wouldn’t take her aunt long, and then she’d leave the woman’s perm to cook so she’d be free to cut Sean’s hair, but there was no point in arguing. It would only make her look stupid. Or scared. And she was neither. She raised her chin. She’d sorted the deputy out before; she could do it again. She tilted her head to one side, almost blew a bubble with her gum in childish rebellion, but knew the response she’d get from her aunt. 
Unable to turn and face him, she watched him through the mirror. “You want to take a seat?” 
In no apparent rush, Sean unfurled his long limbs from the low settee in the window where he’d sat to wait and rolled to his feet. Every inch of him exuded sex appeal. No longer a gangly youth, he’d shot up in recent times to fill out in all the right places, including his broad shoulders so like his gorgeous Uncle Sam’s. His slim hips were emphasized by the low sling of his gun belt, and as the platinum blondes pointed out, his ass was more than fine. She’d tried not to notice, but it proved difficult when the man was everywhere, and the platinum blondes in the salon drew her attention to him every time he walked by. Their undisguised flutter of eyelashes and fanning of faces elicited a small smile and a dip of his head as though he were shy. But Dani knew better. She’d seen the long parade of women he’d dated. Funny how men never got a reputation for that kind of thing, but if a young woman had sex a dozen times with someone she believed she loved and got pregnant, then she’d be labeled a slut all her life.
As he reached the chair, she swung it around so he could slide into the seat. 
“Aren’t you going to wash him first, Dani? What are you thinking of, girl?” 
Surprised at Jessie’s command, Dani whipped the chair around so he faced her. “You want your hair washed?” 
Most of the officers came in for a quick trim during their lunch break before they dashed back to work, but Sue always dealt with Sean. 
He gave a bashful dip of his head to accompany the casual shrug of those broad shoulders. Evidently, he was in no rush. “I don’t normally.” 
“Of course he wants his hair washed, child. Get him done.” Jessie’s voice slashed through the salon loud enough to make Sean’s mouth kick up in a lopsided grin. With less grace than dignity, Dani led him over to the bank of four washbasins and flicked her hand to indicate where he was supposed to sit as she rounded the back of the sink to stand behind him. She leaned over to wrap a towel around his neck, and the scent of warm cinnamon and spices rolled over her senses. She inhaled for the pure momentary pleasure of it. “Sit back, please.” 
It would have been polite to use his name, but it stuck on her tongue. She hadn’t spoken to him in years. It felt like she’d never spoken to anyone, her tongue rusty. She turned on the faucets, automatically tested the temperature, and when she turned back to him, he’d reclined with his face tilted to the ceiling, his gaze centered on her. The blunt cut she’d persuaded her aunt to give her swung in a neat curtain around her jawline but not enough to shield her face from his observation. It had always been a bit of fun to coax the woman to create the latest and hottest styles on her. Her Aunt Jessie was a minor miracle with a pair of scissors and was driven mad by three sons who wanted nothing more than a buzz-cut and a clientele who bordered on one foot in the grave. Her only daughter preferred the idea of piercings, tattoos, and thick black eyeliner when she could get away with it. 
Dani touched the side of her hand to Sean’s forehead to shield him from the spray of water and her from his intense gaze. Not quite the vibrant rust color of his Uncle Sam’s, his auburn highlights darkened as she soaked his hair. She chose one of the range of shampoos, pumped it into the palm of her hand, and then smoothed it over his head. The smell of almonds and coconut rose up against the heat of the water to mix with the masculine scent of the man. It drove her crazy. Five years and all she’d ever done was cast him furtive, longing looks. Now she had him at her mercy. Again. Just like she’d had him at her mercy five years previously when he’d been a shade shorter and a hell of a lot skinnier and she’d been almost full-term in her pregnancy. 
Dani glanced around at the older ladies. Their undisguised curiosity stilled all conversation in the room. Only the quiet strains of classical music stopped the silence from being total. Typical. On an ordinary day, the old dears couldn’t be persuaded to be quiet, but when she needed them to talk, to act normal so she could too, they decided to go all secretive on her. Even Aunt Jessie, oblivious to the atmosphere, slipped her hairdryer into its rack while she teased Abigail’s curls out with her fingers. 
With a gusty sigh, Dani turned her attention back to the gorgeous hunk under her control. She sank her fingers deep into his scalp to give him an Indian head massage. His wide shoulders loosened, and his body slipped down and relaxed deeper into the leather chair. Thrilled with the effect, Dani turned her hands and kneaded his muscular neck. His deep groan vibrated through the tips of her fingers as he closed his eyes and melted under her ministrations. “If I’d known you had such a talent, I’d have asked for you long ago.” 
Quiet snickers turned from amused to dirty in a flash as Emmy Lou James patted her hand against her heart and feigned a swoon, managing to roll her chair back two feet in the process. Dani dug in deeper and scrubbed above Sean’s ears in the hope it might cover the sound of the women’s laughter. He winked open one eye to let her know he’d heard and then closed it again. Another soft groan of ecstasy puffed from his firm lips to weaken her knees. 
Distracted, she picked up the faucet, trained it on Sean, and blasted a torrent of icy water straight over his head and down the back of his neck. With a yelp of pure horror, his eyes shot wide, and he flung himself forward to escape her. Dani’s hand jerked up, and the spray shot over his shoulders and gushed over his broad back, turning his shirt transparent as it stuck to his skin.

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