Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Loving Lydia, originally the first in the series is now re-edited and re-issued as Book #2.


The stables were empty except for the quiet hush of the horses blowing out gently or shuffling into a more comfortable position as they settled down. She could hear his voice at the far end of the stable as he sang to himself. She recognized the country song and smiled as she stepped forward.


There was a moment of silence, and then Sam stepped out from behind a large black stallion, holding some kind of small hook in his hand.

“Lydia? What are you doing down here?”

“I need to speak with you.”

He stepped forward, but she held up a hand.

“Earlier, you said you wanted me.”

“Lydia, I don’t think…”

“No, please. I need to say this. You said you wanted me but…I’m not very good in bed. I’m no good at sex.” The words rushed out, and she watched as his mouth dropped open and his eyes widened.

“Christ, I can’t stand here and listen to this. Lydia, honey, please don’t say any more.” Jack stepped out from behind the black stallion, and as he spoke, Lydia clapped both hands over her mouth. Eyes huge with horror, she stood routed to the spot for a split second before Sam stepped toward her. She spun on her heel and tried not to run, holding her body ramrod straight as she stalked back through the barn, trying to muster as much dignity as possible. She heard a gravelly male voice coming from behind her

“No woman who looks the way she does is going to be bad at sex.” She whipped her head round and stood stock still for a moment as Carl stepped out of the stall next to the stallion, a piece of straw between his teeth. He tilted his head to one side and grinned. “Not when she can move the way she does.”

“Dear God,” Jack ground out.

Sam eyed the other two, and then hung his head as the laughter rolled over him. Lydia found her feet and ran as if the hounds of hell were chasing her.

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