Sunday, 11 January 2015

Short Circuit Time - In The Beginning

In the beginning... well, I started as a contemporary romance writer, but I've always read across the genres. So I'm going to take you back to how it all started, and this was the first blog way back in July 2013.

So, this is how it happened. 

To tell the truth, I’m not quite sure how it happened, Allyson Lindt is responsible, without a shadow of a doubt.

You see, Allyson, challenged Eva to enter a competition and vis versa . Interesting, but did they take up the gauntlet? I may have – or may not have grabbed that gauntlet and run with it.  We will see. But that particular issue may be irrelevant at this point.  

And the point is that somehow, goaded by two enthusiastic authors, I challenged them to a competition:


1.       The Authors
a.       Eva Lefoy
b.      Allyson Lindt
c.       Diane Saxon

2.       Three Months – ending 30th September 2013

3.       Each of us must write a blog to update our progress once every three weeks. Well, here’s my first one and I elect Eva to go next. Because Eva is talking, and she’s talking big.

The Challenge -A 15,000 word short story to be completed


So. Here I am with zero words and not much of an idea apart from I need to write a story about an android. Because in the confusion, I elected the android.
Hmm, did I explain to the others that I’m a Contemporary Romance writer and I have no experience with androids? But I like cowboys so maybe a cowboy will be involved.

Never mind, I’m all over it. It will be contemporary, it will be romance and it will contain an android. But will it be finished?

Oh, did I explain? The winner is the one that finishes on time.

Next week, click on Eva – she’ll update you  - She may be out playing, it’s the 4th July.

Since then both Eva and Allyson published their short stories (Eva - Download My Love & Allyson joined forces with the fabulous Sofia Grey to produce a compilation of short stories called Return to Emerald City

I, however, messed around for a little while because although I loved my story, I felt it needed a little more. So, I re-wrote it, expanded it to 23k words and sent it to Hartwood Publishing.

In the end, it wasn't a Contemporary Romance, it's a Dystopian, Time-Travel, Futuristic, Sci-fi Robot Romance.

... and the Winner is..?

All three of us, because we all finished The Challenge on time with the right word-count and we are all three now published.

So, to my lovely author buddies, THANK YOU. You were an inspiration.


  1. I'm so happy to see this book out there. I feel like a proud mamma!

    1. Thanks, Eva. What an inspiration you were. :)


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