Friday, 30 January 2015

A Great Review

This review came in from a lady who has so far read and loved all of my books, but this one was special for her because she got to read it at an early stage, when it was just an android with barely any skin...

Ever wanted to build the perfect guy? Change that nose a bit, raise that droopy ear, and maybe add a few inches in the right place(s)? Zaphira gets to do that and more to the android version of Aiden, the geeky science boy who was her father’s assistant and the secret teenage crush who broke her heart. Of course all that was eight years ago and he, along with everyone else was now dead. Except her. Which meant she was alone until something comes bubbling out of her stream one day. Except his eyes are a different color – different colors, in fact. And he has more muscles. Confused? So was she. That’s what happens when you start talking about time travel.

Zaphira’s scientist father promised her that there were going to be other survivors from this terrible plague and that in time, they would come. But she has been alone for so long now, she isn’t sure that she believes anymore, until Android Aiden shows up. Apparently he was sent from the future to help her. But she isn’t sure that she needs his or anyone’s help. She plants a garden and uses a bow and arrow to take down an animal so she can eat and so her dogs can have meat. The skin keeps her warm and preserving things means she has meat and vegetables to last through the cold. So how exactly is this geeky science guy going to help her?

In this fun, quirky, sweet, erotic and very entertaining novella Diane Saxon shows us her talent for writing strong, likeable characters no matter who made their skin! The way she blends the science effortlessly into this story – along with a bit of a lesson to those who will listen – is a mark of a true storyteller. The differences she emphasizes in each of them, as they have grown (Zaphira is 8 years older in this reality) or been genetically altered (Aiden’s eye color now changes according to his mood) enables the reader to insert themselves into the story alongside Zaphira or Aiden and experience the rush of lust or heart-stopping fear or any of the other emotions these two go through.
I am a huge fan of Diane’s other books and for me, the things I love about those are here in this one as well.

Amazon title – Fun, quirky, sweet, erotic and very entertaining novella. Added at end - A solid 4.5 stars (rounded up for amazon)!

B&N - A solid 4 stars!

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