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Another Fabulous Review

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Bill's is still my favorite book in this series but Flynn's sure comes close. I liked Flynn when we met him in Mac's book - who doesn't like the guy who tortures the big scaredy cat "action hero" who is afraid of heights? Hehe - gotta admit I would die 1000 deaths if anyone asked me to get on anything other than a chair and even then you better be hanging onto it and me!

Flynn is an antisocial, viciously and horribly scarred man who has not been the same since he came home from his last Special Forces mission . He expected to return as "the hometown hero" and be the same golden boy he was before, but instead he was met with reactions that scarred him even deeper. He has spent the last 3 years with his cousin Mac in the shallow, glamorous world of Hollywood where he learned over and over that beauty may only be skin deep but the skin is the only thing that matters - at least there. He finally gets a chance to return home to the ranch and is surprised to be welcomed home by family and meet some new friends. Liberty is a friend of Kate's from school who is taking a break from her solitary work to catch up with Kate and her family and meet Kate's newest family members on the ranch. Liberty is a sweet and charming person with an amazing and generous personality. Unlike Flynn, her scars are only on the inside and they hide with her fear; both are deep marks leftover from her childhood.

On the surface, these two people could not be more different or have less in common than a dog and an eagle. Yet they are both deeply scarred people who present a mask to society to keep them from seeing the real person. In fact, these two are complete opposites in the only way that matters to them - their scars. The author manages to take these two on a ride of sexual tension and spontaneous combustion of lust followed by confusion and laughter at themselves in pain and at each other in joy. The road these two travel to come together is filled with interfering and eavesdropping family and friends, misunderstandings of actions and words by each other and assumptions that get each other in boatloads of trouble! It made me laugh and sigh and smile and is a great addition to one of my favorite series.

I wonder who will be next - maybe Ethan...?

This paragraph appears in each book review of this series 

The reality of a series is not only do you have to write a good (first) book with interesting characters that your readers will enjoy interacting with, you have to surround these characters with a supporting cast that also interest the reader. This is essential for any series to survive because the reader has to want to be drawn back into the world that the author has created. The reader has to want to go back and interact with the characters again and again and watch and learn as the supporting characters in one book are brought to the forefront in another book and given a chance to find their HEA. If a reader isn't drawn deeply into the world the author creates, if the reader doesn't care about the characters the author creates then no matter how many books an author writes or how much they promote or discount their books no one will be interested. In my opinion, Diane Saxon is a master of the series!

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