Thursday, 22 August 2013

Finding The Next Hero - Part Three

I had the heroine for Book Two of my Atlantic Divide Series, a hard talking, gun-slinging deputy sheriff with a man’s name and a serious attitude. Who in the world would be able to handle her? Once again I referred to my unpublished fore-runner. Have a read, see where he came in :

He was starting to feel stupid now. The bouquet of red roses sat next to him on the step seemed a little obvious and over the top. Three dozen red roses. Brash and so very American. Yet that’s how he’d felt when he set off yesterday. He’d felt brash, confident, sure of himself that Kate would fall over herself once she saw him. But all that bravado was diminishing by the minute.
He stood, picking up the roses as he went. Perhaps he would go and find a hotel. Ring her from there. Tell her he was just visiting and thought he would call on her. Yeah, that’s what he would do. He started to walk along the hedgerow towards the little garden gateway when he heard a car pull up on the other side. He froze.
It had to be Kate. He looked around and there was no place he could unobtrusively move to, so he stood with the bouquet of red roses in his hand, feeling like a fool.
He watched her walk through the gateway with another man’s arm around her shoulders. She was laughing up into his face and the adoration they felt for each other was evident. But the real gut wrencher came when the handsome young man spoke.
“Kate, you shouldn’t be carrying so much in your condition, let me have these.” He took the carrier bags out of her hands and swung through the gateway, coming to a dead stop in front of Jack.  She giggled from behind him.
“Hey, what did you do that for?” and she stepped round in front of him, her beautiful eyes widening with surprise.
Jack looked from one to the other. The shock and guilt on Kate’s ashen face was blatant. The curiosity on the man’s was evident.
“Well now,” Jack drawled “it sure as hell didn’t take you long to get over me, sugar. I thought I was special, but looks like you managed not only to move on with your life, but to get yourself a new man real quick. Looks like you even managed to get yourself knocked up too.”
Kate’s hand met with Jack’s cheek before any of them could anticipate what was going to happen. The horror on Kate’s face matched the shock that raged through Jack’s system. She turned on her heel and stalked around the side of the house, into the back garden.
There was a long uncomfortable moment of silence as Jack stared at the ground in front of him, shaking his head like he couldn’t believe his luck and flexing his jaw, then he started to move towards the gate, his visit was over.
The blonde man moved into his path and smiled, a cold heartless smile.
“I think you’d better move out of my way, son” Jack drawled dangerously slow, in no mood to be waylaid by anyone.
“Well now  … see, here’s the thing.” 
Crossing his arms over his chest, the younger man didn’t seem to be intimidated by Jack one iota. 
“Looks like you’ve just upset Kate. I don’t like Kate being upset and I think perhaps you might want to apologise to her.”
Jack tried to side-step him making his way toward the gate, but the guy just got in his way again, this time up close and in his face.
“One thing you might want to know, I’m Kate’s brother, Michael … ”

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  1. You said carrier bags! You might just be English! I hear this slang all the time. Hubby is in biz with an ex-pat from Runcorn, England. Carry bags! Huzzah!

  2. Oh wonderful.This is why I have American friends like you to keep me on the straight and narrow, and also why a great Editor is so valuable. This is from an unedited script so I am responsible for every oversight and mistake. But I love that you're following ...


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