Monday, 1 December 2014

Paranormal Kitchen Actitivites

The sharp tang of citrus coated his tongue and made him swallow in rapid succession as his mouth watered. The babe was at it again. What was she baking tonight? Would he get a chance to scoop some of the makings out of the bowl?

Silent, he slipped into the kitchen, shifted into human form and studied the scene before him.
Lemons, bright yellow, with a fresh zesty scent, not dissimilar to hers, only Catherine’s was overlaid with the sweet flavors of honey.

Butter and sugar were all measured out as Catherine scraped the rind off the lemons adding it into the bowl and setting the mixer to beat in a loud rhythm that disguised his approach.

Comfortable in his nakedness, he slipped his arms around her, snuggled her back into his chest, tucked his face into her neck and nuzzled. Nu uh, there was no better scent than Catherine.

“Whatcha making?”

She switched off the beaters, glanced at the almost white mixture.“Hot Lemon Pudding.”
He let out a drawn out sigh of longing and kept his arms loose around her middle as she added beaten egg whites, flour, milk and egg yolks, and cut a firm figure of eight through the mixture until it was all blended.

She tried to turn, but he took full advantage while her hands were employed holding the dish. He took her face in his palms and smooched a kiss right from her.

“I need to put this in the oven, Beau,” but her voice was breathless.

“How long does it need to bake?”

He opened the oven door for her and let her slip the dish inside, pinned her against the warm oven and canoodled some more.

“Forty-five minutes.”

“That should be just about long enough.”

He dipped, pushed his shoulder into the softness of her belly, and gurgled with laughter at her surprised yelp while he gave her a fireman’s lift all the way to the bedroom.


200g Caster Sugar (1 Cup white sugar)
100g Butter (1/2 cup)
4 Eggs, separated
100g self-raising flour (3/4 cup)
500ml milk (2 cups)
3 Large Lemons - squeezed

 Separate eggs.
 Beat whites with 50g of the caster sugar until stiff
 In a separate bowl beat together butter and remaining sugar, add lemon zest.
 Beat egg yolks and add to milK
 Alternatively add flour and milk to mixture.
Gently stir in lemon juice.
 Pour into an ovenproof dish and back for 45-60 minutes at 200oC (400oF) Mark 6 gas.
Serve with whipped cream.

Out 5th December 2014 as part of Paranormally Yours - an anthology.

For Heaven's Cakes

What he doesn’t anticipate is meeting the local pharmacist’s daughter - in his wolf form. By day, he renovates the pharmacy, and tries to cajole the lush assistant into having dinner with him. By night he watches Catherine bake her fantastic creations and blossom through her art.

Sleeping on her bed each night in his wolf form isn’t exactly ideal, but how does he tell her the wolf she’s come to love, is the man she lusts over?

Paranormally Yours

Seven of today’s hottest paranormal authors come together to bring you a boxed set guaranteed to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night. Do shifters make you howl? Or do you prefer the bite of a vampire? Perhaps the controlling hand of a demi-god is more your style. Paranormally Yours has a story—or seven—to set your pulse racing.


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