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FLYNN'S KISS - New Release

Severely scarred during a disastrous mission, ex special forces Flynn Swann is home after three years of avoidance. By his own admission, he’s no good with women and the last thing he expects or wants is the attention of a curvy little brunette, who’s just passing through.

With apparently no fear or revulsion of his scarred face, the boisterous woman bounds into his life and destroys all hope of a quiet visit. It is obvious to literally everyone that she wants him—all of him.
Worse still, despite her atrocious taste in fashion and Stetsons, she appears to have won the hearts of the entire town.

Scientist Liberty Sophia Glennon is on a mission to find a man before she has to return to the loneliness of the New Zealand outback where she has already spent eighteen lonely months doing research.

A ticking hormone bomb, Liberty feels time is running away with her. Outwardly she is a bouncing ball of over-confidence, but inside she is still a frightened little girl with horrific memories of her childhood and a desperate need to be liked.

Completely unfazed by his external scars, her seduction of Flynn is not so difficult, but follow-through proves painful as Liberty realises Flynn’s wounds run further than just skin deep.

With apparently nothing in common but their passionate attraction, how will these two damaged souls deal with each other’s fear of rejection?

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Previous Books:                       Loving Lydia -Atlantic Divide Book 1
Bad Girl Bill – Atlantic Divide Book 2
Finding Zoe - Atlantic Divide Book 3
Flight of Her Life


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Spring Fling Blog Hop

Did I hear you say "Spring Flynn?" Oh yeah, well that would be my new release due out on 3rd April 2014. Flynn's Kiss is coming soon, together with the warm weather and longer days.

Leave a comment in the box below telling me what time of year is your favourite and I will send one lucky winner a copy on the release date.

As well as a free ARC copy of Flynn's Kiss to one lucky winner, there are also the following:


*Special THANKS goes out to Blushing Books and authors Sue Lyndon, Patty Devlin and Cara Bristol for their contributions to the Grand Prizes!! :)

Here’s the Grand Prize list:
1 Kindle Fire (Donated by Blushing Books)
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Flynn's Kiss

Flynn's Kiss is due for release by Taliesin Publishing on 3rd April 2014. The first in a series of Disarmed & Dangerous books, Flynn character is dark and edgy. A man with a tortured soul.

I'm too thrilled for words with my art cover because it really depicts my characters.

Call in during the next couple of days for blurb and excerpts, plus a little competition.

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Perfect Ride by Shiloh Saddler and Eva Lefoy

If you like cowboys, bull riding and the excitement of the PBR, you’ll find Cole and Garrett’s story never has a dull moment. It’s full of surprises, and just like bull riding, the story is laced with blood, sweat, joy and tears.

Today I’m doing a character interview with Cole Richards. But fist, a little more about the story.


Professional bull rider Garrett Anderson lives for the next town, the next trophy and his next ride. When he rolls into Sheridan, Wyoming, the last thing he expected was to meet a cowboy like Cole—a man who corrals his heart and leaves him aching for the kind of love he’s been missing.

A bull tender on the PBR circuit Cole Richards secretly longs for a lover but wasn’t prepared for Garrett’s passion or the longing their one brief tryst kindles. After he is shot and recovering in his hospital bed, Cole can only watch Garrett’s disastrous ride afraid it could be his last. Heartbroken when the battered and bruised bull rider leaves town, Cole knows better than to hope to see him again.

Attacked again and knee-deep in trouble, Cole wants only Garrett at his side. But can his bull rider trade fame and fortune for a lifetime with his one perfect ride?

Character Interview: Cole Richards

How old are you and how old when you first start working with bulls?

I’m twenty six and I started working with bulls at age four. My dad’s a bull breeder and we own Richards Ranch. Spitfire is one of our bulls.

How did you come to be on the PBR?

Well when I hit puberty I found out pretty quickly I wasn’t straight. I started fooling around with guys and my dad caught me a couple times. He and I didn’t see eye to eye on my sexuality. I left home and worked the circuit as soon as I graduated high school. It was the only way to keep from killing other.

Is it easier to be gay on the PBR circuit?

Not really. At least at home I could hang out with people I wanted to, but when you’re on the road all the time it like’s a crapshoot. Every new town could bring you a good encounter or a bad one. And there’s sure no time for a relationship. You’re always on the move, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be heading back to the same town two tours in a row.

What about those bulls riders though? They’re pretty hot, right?

Yeah, there’s a lot of eye candy in the pens but most of ‘em are straight. A lot are married, some have families and a few are very religious. I don’t mess around with any of them to be honest.

Then it must have been a shocker to meet Garrett Anderson?

And find out he’s gay? Hell yes. I had no idea the man was gay. Sure I’d heard rumors but everybody tells lies to try and discredit their competition. So I basically ignored them. Finally though Garrett and myself and Spitfire ended up on the same town and when we met it was obvious there was something going on between us.

You had a one night stand?

Yeah. That’s pretty much all I was hoping for though. I’m not dumb. I’ve seen what fame and fortune do to a man. I never expected Garrett to come back, never thought I’d see him again.

But he did and now you’re together.

Him quitting the circuit was like the biggest surprise I’ve ever had in my life.

And the happiest?

I can definitely say it was the happiest day of my life. But it was also the saddest. If you read the book you’ll understand. Everything in my life changed that day. Well, after getting shot. One of these days I’m gonna get that stupid clown….

By the way, Shiloh and I are currently editing book II, which is young bull rider Freddy’s story. Look for it later this year!

Thanks for reading,


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Eva Lefoy writes and reads all kinds of romance, and is a certified Trekkie. She’s also terribly addicted to chocolate, tea, and hiking. One of these days, she’ll figure out the meaning of life, quit her job, and go travel the galaxy. Until then, she’s writing down all her dirty thoughts for the sake of future explorers.

Contact Eva:

Shiloh Saddler likes to do research for her steamy romances first hand. She has invented a time machine and travels back to the 19th century on a regular basis. There are experimental settings on her time machine which could propel her into the future and even other worlds. She believes love and a good book makes anything possible.

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Love Entwined - Danita Minnis - Character Interview with Roman

Hi Danita and Roman. Thank you for dropping in on us today.

Hi Diane! Thanks so much for having me and Roman on today. It’s so nice to have Roman all to myself – well, almost. It’s just so hard prying him away from Amelie, that gorgeous witch and love of his life.

Can I ask Roman a few questions?

Roman: Diane, I’m all yours

Roman, would you like to tell me what you do for a living, because you sound very rich.

I am. But more than that, I am the driving force behind Cardiff Jewels. My jewellery sells on its name alone. I have no competition.

What was your first impression of Amelie?

Roman leans back in his chair with a wicked grin: Ah, I thought you would never ask. The first time I saw Amelie she was wearing a sexy as hell navy blue suit. The white silk blouse that covered her beautiful breasts was not at all angelic. I thought she would look rather nice lying naked in my bed. She does, by the way.

Describe Amelie. Look, feel, smell.

Right now, I would say she’s dinner. But to answer your question; when we’re out and about, people tell Amelie she resembles the Scottish actress Isla Fisher. I can see that, but I also see Amelie’s delicious curves. I tell you they are hot as Hades and make for one scorching ride. She smells like fine chocolate - and you know what they say about fine chocolate: you can’t eat just one. 

Do you feel the need to protect her – or ravish her?

Roman: Can I have some water? It’s getting hot in here. (Danita hands Roman a glass and he takes a long gulp of water.)

At Danita’s concerned look, Roman assures her: I’ll be fine. Um, how long is this going to take? Danita: Not much longer.  Get back to the ravishing.

Roman: You know me too well. It’s not that I don’t want to protect Amelie - that goes without saying. She’s in Yorkshire with me on a jewellery designing assignment and couldn’t be safer. But Amelie was made for love and – where is she, by the way?

Danita: Just a few more questions, Roman.

You sound like you enjoy having fun. What are your favourite sporting activities?

Roman gives Danita a pained look. Danita grins: Just go with it.

Roman: In a word – Amelie. But we do start the evening with a few laps in the pool. I competed at university.

How would Amelie describe you?

She would tell you I’m an arrogant CEO, a wicked lover, and her Roman Warrior. All true.

What is your biggest flaw?

Like Amelie, I don’t remember our past life and so I can’t remember there are demons stalking us through time. The il Dragone demons are our eternal enemies, they want their high priestess back but I won’t give up Amelie.

How old are you? And what are you doing tonight … no, scratch that, it’s okay, I was getting carried away. Just the first part of the question, then.

Ah, Diane, before Amelie I would certainly have taken you up on that offer! I’m thirty-four, 6’ 4” with blue eyes you could swim in, I don’t have one secret love child to speak of, I’m filthy rich as noted earlier and I’ll even hire someone to do your windows. Sorry, I can’t help flirting – I’ve been at it for too long.

What do you consider your best feature?

Roman winks at Danita, who rolls her eyes.

Roman: Well, for that I must refer to Amelie at a recent swim session, and I quote: “He was superbly endowed. God-like, more than a man should be.”

Roman grins. I don’t make this stuff up.

What’s your favourite drink – alcoholic or not?

I’m not much of a drinker, although I like a good Scotch when I’m trying to loosen Amelie up for the night. Not too much, though, or she’ll fall asleep on me.

Thank you Roman. Have a cup of coffee and relax. I’ll just stroke your knee while Danita tells us all about her new book, Love Entwined.

Love Entwined

Amelie’s goal is the top of the jewellery designing world. Her orderly life comes undone when jewellery tycoon Roman steals her away on assignment to a remote English estate. He wants Amelie all to himself but St. Clair Manor’s ghost has waited for her much longer than he has.

An unseen gunman takes a shot at Roman and he blames a business rival. But Amelie and Roman are to blame, for falling in love 200 years before in a time neither of them remember.

From the heartbreak of pre-Revolutionary France to modern day corporate wars, Amelie and Roman uncover a history of blood jewels, lust and demons.

When Amelie discovers her inner witch she learns the real reason she was summoned to St. Clair Manor. Il Dragone will kill to get her back. Amelie will kill if they do.

“Amelie Laurent, may I introduce you to Roman Cardiff.” Harold gestured toward the Burberry divan in the corner.
She closed her mouth and turned, hand extended. The apology died on her lips.
Dieu. He was a Greek god in a dark tailored suit. Very tall. Different in reality. Cooler than she expected. There was arrogance in his square jaw. His aquiline nose and thick, black brows made him look like a predator.
His expression would have seemed harsh except for the warmth of the sky blue gaze traveling slowly up her body. The eyes gave his features a seraphim quality. They leisurely toured the peachy-pink lacquered toenails peeking through the front of her navy pumps, and then moved up the curve of her hips. She felt those eyes like a puff of warm breath when they grazed the swell of her breasts above the white silk blouse.
She was an innocent doe being circled by a panther that was higher up on the food chain and more resourceful.
Clearly, he wanted to take a bite out of her. His imperial stance said it was his due. His nostrils flared as he inhaled her scent.
Amelie looked down at the large hand holding hers. Warm, like a glove.
Finally, his gaze met hers.
She did not move, but something sinful shivered inside her. It was the part of her who knew this man. But these feelings weren’t hers—they belonged to that other woman. The one who waited for him at night in her bedroom.
He is real. But he could not be her dream lover.
With an unholy smile, Mr. Cardiff lifted her hand. Full lips moved over her skin in a warm caress, and she was filled with craving.
She jolted out of her reverie, tried to pull away, but he held her there. Her hand relaxed in his.
Stop this, you don’t know him!

Love Entwined is available now:
Love Entwined Amazon

Connect with Danita:

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Cherry Stem Book Blitz and Giveaway


Turned at the cusp of a promising career in the adult movie industry, Cherry Stem has to rely on her mesmerizing vampire gaze for her meals and money. With the rent deadline approaching, settling for pocket change isn’t an option, so she reluctantly decides to let tall, dark, and handsome Detective Alex Marsden take her home for the night and fulfill her needs.

Only she gets more than she bargained for.

When Cherry meets Alex, she expects him to be nothing more than another “girl meets boy, girl feeds from boy, girl erases boy’s memories” hook-up. Once missing young women, the vampire council, and her irresistible ex are thrown into the mix though, she realizes nothing is as simple or random as she thought it was.

And Alex is either the biggest gift or the biggest mistake of her un-life.


Hiding my body seemed silly after we’d already had sex, so I didn’t. Not that he looked. He just dropped a duffel bag by the sink.

“Thought you’d want clean clothes as soon as you were dry,” he said. “Got a couple tees and sweatpants from my place. They’ll be too big for you, but at least the pants have drawstrings. Should be good for the night.”

Then he pulled his shirt over his head.

If I were human, I’d have been drowned by the water filling my mouth and clogging my throat while I gaped at him. As it was, I was grateful I’d opened the shower stall door and could enjoy the view.

Most people look better when they’re dressed than when they’re out of their clothes. There are always flaws, something that needs covering up: a slightly jutting stomach, love handles, scars, pimples. Something.

To me Alex was perfect.

I’d already run my fingers down his chest and abs, but seeing the smooth, flawless skin stretch over rippling muscle made me itch to caress it. His shoulders were wide; I knew that already, but the way they rounded, leading to his flexing biceps, was a sight to behold. And that’s what I did. I beheld, wishing he was closer, that I could press my breasts against his chest and see goose bumps rise.

I would probably have kept staring at his six-pack for much longer if his fingers hadn’t gotten in the way. Splayed across his abdomen, they touched what I longed for, ghosting their way down to the front of his pants. I wanted to lick my way along the trail of fine hair beneath his navel that disappeared inside his waistband. I sucked in a breath when he undid the button and another when the zipper lowered, allowing his slacks to fall to the teal, tiled floor.

My gaze followed them, until he stepped out of the pooled fabric and toward the shower stall.

Toward me.

Book Title: Cherry Stem (Book I of the Cherry Series)
Author: Sotia Lazu
Genre: Erotic Urban Fantasy
Length: 74K
Release Date: 3.15.2014
ISBN: 9781310502491
Pre-Order/Purchase Links: B & N ( | Apple ( | Smashwords ( | Coming Soon on Amazon (

The book is for Adults Only

About the Author

Sotia cries at sappy movies and wishes she could take in all the stray dogs in the world. She lives in Athens, Greece, with her husband—whom she met through writing—their son, and their two rescue dogs, one of which might be part-pony.

Her genres of choice are romances with a twist and urban fantasy novels, always with vivid erotic elements. Her characters aren't exactly hero-material at first glance; she likes making them fight for their happiness. Still, the romantic in her can’t resist happy endings.

Find Sotia:

Or write to her at


Sotia is so happy to be re-launching Cherry Stem, she felt like sharing the happiness :)

Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway for a chance to win an e-Book or some Author Swag, including a lovely cherry shaped bracelet charm!

NOTE: The giveaway is for Adults Only. Please do not enter if you’re below your country’s legal age.

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Stop by Sotia’s blog ( March 15 – March 19 for more goodies and surprises on a daily basis!

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Did you know, it's now a full year since I signed my first contract to have a book published?

I consider myself supremely lucky. I wrote Loving Lydia, finished the manuscript just before Christmas 2012, edited it, and sent it away to a select few publishers. Both Liquid Silver Books and a New York press replied within a couple of weeks.

I had no idea what an R&R was. I compared the letters. Liquid Silver explained in huge depth what they wanted me to do to make my manuscript right. They loved my storyline. Two main issues loomed. I needed to re-write it in US English - you may think that's not a difficult task what with Word and it's clever conversion. But word doesn't convert such things as car-park to parking lot, nappy to diaper, shingle to gravel. No, this had to be done manually. Every word of the manuscript read through and corrected.

And did you know that cowboys' don't say "then" at the end of a sentence? Well, lucky for me Liquid Silver had the patience to help me.

Issue number two - POV. Gulp. What?

I had to look it up before I could even go back to them and say...umm...what do you want me to do with the point of view - you want me to what? How? Now? You're kidding - scratch that last bit - I wanted to learn. Boy did I want to learn. And I did. Because now I write my US books in US English. I write the POV correctly first time and do you know it is so much easier to write a story correctly from the outset than it is to re-write it?

I'm not saying I always get it correct. In my latest manuscript I had a little fun with the Editors. Lucky they have a good sense of humour. Unphased - did I mean unfazed? Oh, yeah. Plaster/Band-aid - considered/decided, Damned fine/F****** well ... and so on.

I'm just about to celebrate the release of my fifth book shortly, through Taliesin Publishing so watch out for the cover art which is due any time and I hope you will join me again for excerpts and blurb on Flynn's Kiss.

Leave a comment on your favourite US/English whoopsie and I'll be pleased to give one lucky person a free copy of Loving Lydia in whatever format they would like.

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Crash Into Love - Sofia Grey - Character Interview with Cass

Hi Sofia and Cass. Thank you for dropping in on us today.

Thank you, it’s exciting to be here. Is your dog friendly?

She most certainly is, she’s big and boisterous but she loves people, especially women. Mind though she does think she’s a lapdog and she will sleep on you.

Come and have a coffee, I have a few questions for Cass if you don’t mind.

Can you tell me what genre you write in?

Well, a few months ago I would have said complicated medical thrillers, but now, I don’t know for sure.  (She smiles). Now I also write erotic romance.

When you go to the beach, do you really expect privacy and peace and quiet to finish your book, or don’t you think you’d just be distracted by all those waves and sandcastles wanting to be built?

Ah well, that’s where the beaches in New Zealand are different to the ones back home. Here they’re often deserted, even at the height of summer – and not because there’s anything wrong with them. It’s just fewer people and more open space.

True I got distracted with my shell collection, and then by a certain guy next door (she blushes), but I had no idea that would happen.

What colour do you paint your toenails?

Shell pink. Is there any other colour for toenails?

Oh well, ummm *stares at her red toenails*

What was your first impression of Jonah?

Oh my. Young, definitely. I thought he was a student. Polite, and intense.

How does it feel to be the ‘older woman’?

I really am a cougar, aren’t I? But it’s only ten years difference, and if you say it quickly enough it doesn’t sound that bad.

(She hesitates, and plays with a shell pendant around her neck). It’s all very new to us both. I still can’t believe we met, and everything that happened since. We’re taking it a day at a time.

What would your best girlfriend think?

I introduced Jonah to Ellie, my best friend, and she was thrilled. She thinks he’s the best thing to ever happen to me. (She blushes)

Describe Jonah.

He’s gorgeous! And he has this tattoo of musical notes on his shoulder, and… He’s strong. Affectionate. He kisses like nothing else, and he makes me feel so alive. You know?

How would you describe yourself?

(Shrugs). I’m Ms Boringly-Normal. I truly can’t understand what he sees in me.

What is your biggest flaw?

Umm, procrastination?

What’s your favourite drink – alcoholic or not?

White wine. A crisp, chilled local Sauvignon Blanc.

For a month long stint at the beach, what did you pack?

Plenty of wine! I didn’t need much in the way of clothing, as I wasn’t planning on going out anywhere, or seeing anyone. I take my laptop and Kindle everywhere though.

Tell me your plans for your next book – or will you ever write another one with a distraction like Jonah?

Hmmm, he’s more of an inspiration than a distraction. I have another two contracted in my medical thriller series, but writing the erotic romance was so much fun, I’m definitely doing more like that. In fact, I’m, uh, working on the second in that series now. With Jonah’s help, of course. (She gives a huge smile).

Thank you Cass. Help yourself to chocolate while Sofia tells us all about her new book, Crash Into Love.

Thanks Diane, it’s been a blast visiting you today. Hopefully we’ve brought a taste of a New Zealand summer to your spring day (peeks outside through the window). It’s definitely colder here!


Cass thought spending a month at a beachside hideaway relaxing and collecting shells would be the perfect escape to finish her novel. When she meets the dark and brooding and much younger Jonah, who's staying next door, her book becomes the last thing on her mind.

Jonah would rather stay home alone than go on vacation with his brother and their friends, but does his best to tolerate the situation after being convinced to go. But when he sees the beauty next door, he can’t avoid his attraction.

Together, they break all the rules, but will Cass be able to bring Jonah out of his shell forever, or will he leave her with only the crash of the surf to keep her company?


I took a deep breath. Dare I say it? “If I was still married, I wouldn’t be sitting here now.”
“Any children?”
“One, a son. Dylan.” My minuscule, beachside romance was about to be snuffed out before it had even started. “He’s about your age.”
Jonah snorted into his glass. “I’m twenty-four. You don’t look old enough.”
I smiled into my wine. “Thanks. I’m still ten years older than you. I had Dylan when I was sixteen, and I met Colin, my ex, later. You remind me of Dylan’s real father. He was a guitarist, too.” Why was I prattling on? Scare him away Cass, why don’t you?
Jonah stared into his glass. “I’m not, anymore.” His voice was so low, I struggled to hear him. “I’m not anything now.” He took a deep breath and pushed himself to a standing position. “I should go.”
There was something I had to know, and the wine had made me bold enough to ask. “Why did you ignore me tonight? I didn’t mean to intrude. Your friends invited me.”
He stared down at me, his dark eyes burning into my soul. Slowly, carefully, he placed the empty glass on the table and then reached out a hand to me. Surprised, I let him pull me to my feet. His grip was warm and sure, but he let go when I stood before him. I felt a flicker of uncertainty. He opened his mouth as though to speak and then paused. “I couldn’t focus.” The words were slow and measured. “I wanted this instead.”
His hand lifted to slide into my hair, pushing back a stray lock and tucking it behind my ear. The breath caught in my throat. Spellbound, I searched his face, seeing the same intensity I glimpsed earlier. Fingertips trailed down my cheek before he traced my lips.
“Soft,” he whispered. I was lost. Time stopped. There was just Jonah and me, with the moon and the stars behind his head and his voice in my heart.

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Romance author Sofia Grey spends her days managing projects in the corporate world and her nights hanging out with wolf shifters and alpha males. She devours pretty much anything in the fiction line, but she prefers her romances to be hot, and her heroes to have hidden depths. When writing, she enjoys peeling back the layers to expose her characters’ flaws and always makes them work hard for their happy endings.

Music is interwoven so tightly into my writing that I can’t untangle the two. Either I’m listening to a playlist on my iPod, have music seeping from my laptop speakers, or there’s a song playing in my head – sometimes on auto-repeat.

Check out my playlist on Pinterest and listen for free via (Sofia Grey –Crash Into Love station)

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